So, Mike, that’s how this generation begins conversation. I think it is very thought provoking to say “so”…The year 2020 has been such an interesting one for you. I have watched you and Jaime buy your first home in Seattle. I have watched you continue your Marathon training, even doing your own personal marathons as the scheduled ones are on pause, because of COVID-19 restrictions that canceled various planned runs. You have taken all of this in your stride.

I have watched you spend extra time with your boys, teaching them skills that only Life Experience can give. I have been the recipient of countless acts of your kindness, always putting my best interest at heart. As the singer, Elton John says it best, in the Circle of Life, “Never take more than you give.” In that statement, I see you, Michael.

We will walk, jog, run, hike together as a family not separated by miles and time. In our existence, and on our level of humanity, we know what is really important in life. We are all part of each other.

Thank you, Son, for giving me wonderful memories to cherish. I usually go on and on about your childhood and my dreams for you. I spared you this time in 2020, chuckling that you already know my dreams for you. You see, so you see, my dreams are coming true. I love you, Michael. Happy 39th Birthday!