i remember when i was ta little girl and awoke at night feeling afraid. I would go to my parents ‘ bedroom and slip into their bed, at the bottom of the bed to fall asleep again. My Dad did not like that i did that. My Mom said it was fine. I am so very grateful that Mom understood my fears. I mention this because i believe that children need to be near their parents. It is the reason that when a parent passes on to the next life, that I believe that the emptiness is never filled. Those of us that have lost our parents, continue on and remember everything from our young years. The older we become, the more memories return.That is what fills the void. It is a unique process that repeats itself for generations. The Family unit is the most important Human treasure. As i become the next generation of my family to depart the earth, I am acutely aware of how short life is. I am emboldened by the fortitude and strength of my children and their families. I see ahead of time, what is transpiring before my eyes. Each person is becoming their own person. Each individual is a shining example of what a person can become if only they try to do their best and put others first. Altruistic is the quality to strive for. I see them doing this and becoming quite skilled at putting others first. It is exhausting. I know that. It is rewarding and empowering. Part of myself is within their hearts. Their hearts are inside my own heart. That is the reason I wake up each morning for a few more mornings with a Grateful Heart. I choose to leave my heart with my family. I love you all so much.